We hereby extend an official notice of convocation of General Synod Aldergrove 2025,to commence DV Tuesday, May 6, 2025.

An evening prayer service has been scheduled, DV, for Monday, May 5, 2025, 7:30 pm,
at the Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church.

All hardcopy materials for Synod should be sent to:

Synod 2025 Steering Committee
c/o Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church
PO Box 809
Aldergrove, BC
V4W 2V1

Electronic submissions and materials should be sent to:

In accordance with synod regulations set out by General Synod Guelph (2022):

All material for Synod should be received by the convening church in paper or digital
format (searchable text PDF as much as feasible) no later than six weeks prior to the
convocation date of general synod. Those submitting material shall ensure that one
signed copy is available for the archives of General Synod. Material received after this
date shall ordinarily not be added to the agenda unless Synod is satisfied that the
reasons given for later arrival are reasonable.

Please NOTE: To facilitate placement on the Agenda for Synod, submissions should only address one agenda item.