Date Title Minister Key Text
Mar 13, 2022 (Afternoon) COME BEFORE YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER: Rev. J. Segstro Romans 8
Mar 13, 2022 (Morning) Abide in the Vine! Rev. Rob Schouten John 15:5
Mar 6, 2022 (Afternoon) Jesus Christ is our only righteousness before God. Rev. Rob Schouten Romans 3:9–31
Mar 6, 2022 (Morning) God reveals the glory of Christ to his disciples. Rev. Rob Schouten Luke 9:28–36
Feb 27, 2022 (Afternoon) Christ, the Old Testament, and the Christian Rev. A. Plug Matthew 5:17–20
Feb 27, 2022 (Morning) Jesus places you as his salt and light in this world Rev. A. Plug Matthew 5:13–16
Feb 20, 2022 (Afternoon) God may use extreme means to warn people Rev. K. Janssen Luke 13:1–5
Feb 20, 2022 (Morning) Eternal life! Rev. Rob Schouten 1 Corinthians 15
Feb 13, 2022 (Afternoon) May God our Father give you grace and peace! Candidate Chauncey Knegt Colossians 1:1–2
Feb 13, 2022 (Morning) Forgiveness! Rev. Rob Schouten Matthew 9:1–7
Feb 6, 2022 (Afternoon) The Apostle Paul testifies to the central truth of his gospel message. Rev. Jim Witteveen Galatians 5:6
Feb 6, 2022 (Morning) Fear versus trust: which is controlling your heart? Rev. Rob Schouten Matthew 6:25–34
Jan 30, 2022 (Afternoon) There is wisdom in embracing times of sorrow Rev. R. Visscher Ecclesiastes 7:1–10
Jan 30, 2022 (Morning) Seeking Jesus in Job Rev. R. Visscher Job 38:31–33
Jan 23, 2022 (Morning) The Lord calls us to serve each other in love. Rev. Rob Schouten 1 Peter 4

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