Roaring Twenties: What’s up with the Dutch Churches?


Wednesday, December 11, 2019




Roaring Twenties: What’s up with the Dutch Churches?
Speaker: Rev. Karlo Janssen, Willoughby Heights CanRC
Date: December 11, 2019 at 8PM
Location: Aldergrove CanRC
The GKv, until recently sister churches of the CanRC, are allowing women to serve in office, are ‘courting’ a ‘looser’ church, and have become less strict in the exercise of discipline. In the past 20 years, two groups of churches (DGK and GKN) have broken out of the GKv. What is happening in Netherlands and how did it come about? More relevantly for ourselves: what responsibility do we have with respect to the Dutch? What lessons should we in North America learn from what has happened in The Netherlands (e.g. the rise and fall of “youth churches”)? Are we in danger of going down the same route? Are we simply 20 years behind (as the Dutch often say)? Rev. Karlo Janssen will introduce this topic to us. Expect a bit of a brief lesson on recent Dutch church history, an overview of the most prevalent issues (especially “how do you read the Bible”), and some personal reflections on concerns and lessons to be learned.

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