Roaring Twenties


Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Speaker: Jon Dykstra Topic: How to Talk About Tough Issues with an Unbelieving World
Date: March 11, 2020 Location: Aldergrove CanRC Who: anyone in their twenties!
Do you work in an environment with primarily non-Christian coworkers? Or do you work for a Christian company that serves Christian customers in an almost entirely Christian town? Either way, at some point you are going to talk about issues that really matter with people who wholeheartedly disagree with you. So how should God’s people go about doing that?
Many Christians do not think it makes sense to offer what God says to an unbelieving world. That is why we often do not defend the unborn by leading with what the Bible says, discuss transgenderism by explaining how God created males and females, or argue against euthanasia by bringing up how God values life and his creation.
But there is a problem with arguing for Christian positions from a secular perspective. God tells us, and we can see it all around us, that the unbelieving worldview has no foundation. To offer up a secular argument is to build a house on the sand.
Is there another way? Is there a way to talk about big issues standing on the rock of God's Word even as we make the compelling case to an unbelieving world? Join us as we explore answers to these questions with Jon Dykstra, editor for Reformed Perspective. The evening will consist learning, discussion, and fellowship. Newcomers welcome!

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