Roaring Twenties: Is God a Monster?


Wednesday, October 23, 2019




Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church


Speaker: Rev. Gary Zekveld, New Westminster URC

Who: Everyone in their Twenties (or thereabouts!)

Have you heard about Roaring Twenties before but are not quite sure what it is all about? This program has been running in the Aldergrove CanRef church for the last three years and is for people in their twenties (or thereabouts). We have monthly meetings hosted by different speakers who bring in a topic relevant to this age group. Past topics include things like gaming, Christians and alcohol, doubts, and true friendship, all from a Reformed perspective. Join us for an upcoming evening of learning, discussion, and fellowship - newcomers welcome!

Topic: The Canaanite genocide. The destruction of the Amelekites. Imprecations (cursings) in the Psalms. Many Christians are embarrassed by these passages and either remove them or ignore them. Even those with a high view of Scripture struggle to understand how they can be consistent with the gospel. At this month’s meeting we are going to grapple with some of the tough questions surrounding these Bible texts and answer some of the charges brought against them. But, more than that, we will also discuss how these hard passages can and should shape Christian life and worship.

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