Roaring Twenties: Reformation: Living to the glory of God: what does this mean?


Wednesday, June 26, 2019




Hello to all of you! Soon we will begin our new season of Roaring Twenties. For those who haven’t heard of us before, Roaring Twenties is an initiative of the Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church. Our meetings are a place for learning and fellowship. Pastor Schouten gives a talk with lots of room for interaction and feedback. All church members in their twenties are invited, single and married. I mean twenties with blurry boundaries, i.e., if you are nineteen or thirty-two, you are also welcome!

As you can see below, the topics this year alternate between life and doctrine. The goal is to build up God’s people in their doctrinal convictions and to discuss real life issues in the light of Scripture.

All meetings take place in the fellowship hall of the Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church. We begin at 8 p.m. and end at 9:30. Those who wish to stay after 9:30 for further conversation are certainly welcome to do so! We look forward to your participation in this group. Mark these dates in your calendar today!

Date Topic
September 26 Life: True Friendship
October 24 Reformation: By Scripture alone – it’s not what you think it means!
November 21 Life: Games and God: A discussion of Christians and video games
December 12 Reformation: By grace alone – living by the gift!
January 23 Life: UFO’s – are they real?
February 20 Reformation: By faith alone? What is true faith? Do you have it?
March 27 Life: Living with a clean conscience – is it possible?
April 17 Reformation: Worship that is Reformed according to Scripture.
May 22 Life: Dealing with anxiety
June 26 Reformation: Living to the glory of God: what does this mean?

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