The Timothy Project


Sunday, October 15, 2017


A sudden illness forces a young minister in our sister churches in South Africa into retirement shortly after his installation... Untrained part-time pastors across Africa struggle to find the resources they need to prepare sermons... The churches of the Reformation have a strong tradition of solid theological training and excellent library resources for their pastors to use in their ministry. On October 15th you will have a rare opportunity to hear first-hand how God has used these seemingly disconnected circumstances to allow many hundreds of ministers across Africa to preach using solid Reformed material every week to tens of thousands of believers! Rev. Eugene Viljoen of the Reformational Study Centre in South Africa will give a talk outlining the amazing work that the Lord is doing there. This work is being supported through the Vineyard Canadian Reformed Church in Lincoln, ON under the name: “The Timothy Project”. Where: Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church When: 8pm, Sunday October 15th Read more about this work at or or contact Jerome Lengkeek at

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